Closed metro stations and changes stops

A overview is provided below of the (closed) metro stations, the location of the replacement stops along the route, the stops for bus 55, bus 551, and possibly tram 5, and the streets where the stops are located. Click on the station name (if it is a link) for the map with the pedestrian route from the metro station to the replacement stop.
Metro station (replacement) stop Stop street
Westwijk Westwijk (bus 551)
or Sacharovlaan (bus 55)
or Spinnerij
Sacharovlaan Sacharovlaan (bus 55) Spinnerij
Spinnerij Zagerij (bus 55) Dr. Willem Dreesweg
Poortwachter Zagerij (bus 55) Dr. Willem Dreesweg
  De Eindhoeve (bus 55) Dr. Willem Dreesweg
Brink Middenhoven/Brink (bus 55) Dr. Willem Dreesweg
Meent Praam (bus 55) Dr. Willem Dreesweg
Gondel Logger (bus 55) Gondel
Marne Logger (bus 55)
or Seine (bus 55)
or Groenelaan
Sportlaan Groenhof (bus 55) Groenelaan
Ouderkerkerlaan Ziekenhuis Amstelland (bus 55 or 551) Groenelaan
  Langerhuize (bus 55) Burgemeester Boersweg
Amstelveen Centrum Oranjebaan (bus 55)
or Binnenhof (tram 5)
Beneluxbaan entrance/Oranjebaan
or Handelsweg
Oranjebaan Oranjebaan (tram 5)
or Oranjebaan (bus 55)
or Beneluxbaan entrance / Oranjebaan
Onderuit Onderuit (tram 5) Beneluxbaan
Zonnestein Biesbosch (tram 5) Beneluxbaan
Uilenstede Uilenstede (tram 5) Beneluxbaan
Van Boshuizenstraat Van Boshuizenstraat (tram 5) Buitenveldertselaan
A.J. Ernststraat A.J. Ernststraat (tram 5) Buitenveldertselaan
De Boelelaan/VU De Boelelaan/VU (tram 5) or
sidewalk at the metro station (bus 55)
Station Zuid Station Zuid Strawinskylaan