FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers are listed below to some questions about displays showing current travel information.

What information do I see on the display?

  • The display will show you the route number and the current departure times for all buses and trams stop at the station.
  • 30 seconds before the vehicle departs, it will be indicated on the display.
  • Text may also be displayed providing information about your trip.
  • A summary display also indicates the platform number. 

Will there be displays showing current travel information outside Amsterdam's borders?

The displays will be placed in the area covered by GVB. So, yes, there will be displays out the city borders. 

Will the travel information displays reach all travelers?

We expect that 90% of our passengers will be able to see their travel information. 10% of travelers will board vehicles where there is no displays with travel information.

The display is broken / the travel information is wrong. Where do I report this?

If the travel information about a GVB bus or tram is wrong or the screen is defective, please contact GVB Customer service or complete the form.

If the travel information for EBS, Keolis, or Connexxion is wrong, please contact their Customer Service:

Are the displays acceptable for people with a visual impairment?

For people with visual impairments, there is a button on the side of the post. If you press this button, you hear the travel information that is on the display. 

Is it possible for an info display to be placed at "my" stop?

The locations where the screens will be installed has already been decided, i.e. where the most passengers board our vehicles. Unfortunately, the budget is limited, which means that displays will not be installed at all stops.