We can no longer avoid it. Amstelveen is switching over to a new tram route.

Tram 5 not in service between Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart

On a few weekends and during the summer, tram 5 will not be in service between Station Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart. Shuttle bus 45 will cover this section of the route.

This involves the weekends of:
13 and 14 April 
20, 21, and 22 April (Easter weekend) 
18 and 19 May (this will be used as a reserve weekend)
15 and 16 June
And the summer:
14 July to 25 August

Bus 45 will cover the connection between Station Zuid and Amstelveen bus station: starting at the Strawinskylaan (bus stop A), then via the Beethovenstraat, and De Boelelaan (back via the Parnassusweg) to the Buitenveldertselaan, Beneluxbaan, Mr. Groen van Prinstererlaan, Van Heuven Goedhartlaan, and Meander to Amstelveen bus station (stop B).