Chance of disruptions on the metro lines

Step by step: new metro safety system put into use

After over a year of intensive testing, we, together with the municipality of Amsterdam's Metro en Tram organisation and Vervoerregio Amsterdam, will be putting the new modern metro safety system into use from the end of February 2021. We will be doing this step by step. We are taking the time to identify any teething problems and to allow drivers to acquire more experience as users, before we switch entirely to the new system.    

Risk of disruptions

The commissioning phase may experience some teething problems, so please be aware that disruptions may occur en route during the first few months. This can vary from errors in travel information, to the temporary breakdown of all or part of a metro line. Or in exceptional circumstances, all metros. Should this occur, the metros will be brought to a standstill temporarily at all stations.

On 25 April, a fault occurred for the second time in the new traffic control system for the metro. Supplier Alstom now seems to have discovered the cause. To rectify the problem, they have made changes to the software. We will start using this new software version this Sunday, 2 May. Simulator tests seem to indicate that the identified problem is no longer occurring. However, we can only really establish that if we use the system in practice for 1 or more days, as a test environment is a simplified version of the actual situation.

If this solution appears to work well, this unfortunately does not guarantee that no other/new glitches could occur in the system. So for now, please take into account any glitches or disruptions, which will be rectified by GVB, the Municipality of Amsterdam and supplier Alstom as effectively and as quickly as possible. The reason that Amsterdam is gradually implementing this new safety system is to detect any teething problems. Some teething problems only become apparent when the system is fully utilised during operation.

Only on Sundays, later on more days

We will begin at the end of February and initially only operate with the new system on Sundays, gradually extending this to more days. If everything goes to plan, we will finally put the system into use in around summer 2021.  

We will keep this page up to date with the dates on which we will be operating with the new system. On these days, please bear in mind that the metro lines may experience delays.

We will operate with the new system on the following days:

  • Sunday 16 May 
  • Monday 17 May

Keep up to date with Alerts

Enter your favourite metro line in MyGVB and receive from us an Alert by e-mail about the planned day on which we will be operating with the new system or if there is a planned diversion. If you also want to receive an Alert about a current disruption, enter your favourite line in the GVB app too.