Answers to frequently asked questions - change to season tickets

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Why is GVB no longer offering the GVB Only and GVB Zone season tickets? 
More and more travellers want to be able to easily use various public transport providers or additional transport options, such as a shared bicycle or taxi. Currently, various tickets or subscriptions are often required for this. There has also been an increased interest in having more flexibility when travelling and paying. No more paying a fixed amount in advance, but paying for the route you have travelled and therefore paying less if you travel less or don't even travel at all. We would like to make this easier for travellers. That's why we have introduced GVB Flex. Our GVB Zone and GVB Only season tickets no longer fit these new needs.
You are stopping with products; is that allowed? 
GVB is responsible for its product range and coordinates product changes with the Amsterdam Transport region and travellers' interests organisations. This change has also been coordinated with these bodies.
Are there other product conditions?
Yes, in relation to the changes for GVB Zone and GVB Only season tickets, the product conditions have been adjusted.
You can find the product conditions of the GVB Zone season ticket here.
You can find the product conditions of the GVB Only season ticket here.

Which other season ticket or travel product can I best use?
You can calculate this with our online season ticket advice tool. You can use this to calculate the most economical subscription or travel product for you, on the basis of your travel route(s).

I am now paying more. Will GVB reimburse this?
GVB does not reimburse travel costs.
How can I transfer to GVB Flex or a Randstad Noord Zone or other season ticket?
When your current season ticket expires, you can GVB web shop order via our GVB Flex or a Randstad Noord Zone or another season ticket.
Tip: For the effective date of your new season ticket, enter the day after the end date of your current season ticket. This way, you won't find yourself without a travel product and you can continue to travel carefree.
I extended my annual season ticket in 2020. Can I still use this in 2021?
Yes, if the end date of your season ticket is in 2021, you can still use this in 2021.

I have a GVB Zone or GVB Only season ticket through my employer. Do these changes also apply to commercial season tickets? 
No, these changes apply only to private GVB Zone/Only season tickets. If your employer has enrolled in a commercial GVB Zone or GVB Only subscription with GVB, then these changes do not apply to you. For questions about your commercial product, please contact your contact person.

I have a GVB Only or GVB Zone season ticket and I am subject to protective guardianship. What should I do?
If you want to transfer to another travel product, you must grant your administrator consent to be able to enroll in a different travel product. Have your administrator draft a letter in which consent is given. The following information must be included in the letter: your personal information, your public transport chip card number and your bank account for collection by direct debit. This letter must be signed by the administrator and have a company logo or stamp. Ask your administrator for a copy of the administration decision. With both documents, a valid proof of identity, and your personal public transport chip card you can then visit our Service & Tickets locations to enroll in a different travel product. Note: GVB Flex can only be ordered online and not via Service & Tickets desk.