2022 Timetable

What will change for you starting 12 December 2021?

The new timetable takes effect on Sunday 12 December. While a face mask is currently still required, we hope to be able to return in 2022 to the vibrant metropolis of two years ago. When possible, we are very happy to bring you to concerts, museums, shops, theatres, bars and restaurants. And, of course, also to the office, gym and school. Unfortunately, we are not yet done with the corona measures. We are closely monitoring the developments and will adjust our services accordingly to the best of our ability.

From 12 December several route adjustments, especially for the night buses, are taking effect. Most tram, bus and metro lines will continue to run just as frequently as during the last period. However, the frequency in some hours will change for a number of lines and departure times may differ. We have outlined the key changes at a glance for you.

Tip! Plan your journey starting 12 December now already and check your new departure time with the GVB app or the planner on this site.

Tram changes

New! Tram 27

Tram 27 runs between the Dijkgraafplein and the Surinameplein, only in the morning. As tram 17 is crowded in the morning on this route it will receive support from tram 27 on Monday through Friday from approx. 7:00 - 9:00. Both tram 27 and tram 17 run 6 times per hour. So, on this route, you have a tram every 5 minutes during the morning rush.

Bus and night bus changes

Of the day lines, 3 bus lines will run more often and 1 bus line will have its route changed.
There are more changes for the night buses. Amsterdam nightlife has changed since the corona pandemic. The number of night bus travellers increases or decreases depending on the applicable measures. We are closely monitoring all developments and will adjust our services accordingly to the best of our ability.
Starting 12 December routes will change for some night lines, especially in the direction of the city centre. Night buses will be used much less often in this direction. 

New timetable, new folders

The new editions of the free day line network map and the free night network folder are available from 6 December at the counters of GVB Service & Tickets service points.

You can find the new map at the map page.

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