Timetable 2021

The new timetable is in effect from 3 January

The timetable for 2021 started on Sunday 3 January. This is later than usual, because a number of last-minute changes had to be made due to the low passenger numbers as a result of the Coronavirus.
On Sunday 13 December, the original date, one change will, however, still be implemented: tram 25 will start running. This also means that bus 55 will be cancelled on that day. Further information can be found at page about tram 25.

As usual, some changes are being made to routes, as well as to times. Most tram, bus and metro lines will continue to run just as frequently as during the last period. However, the frequency in some hours will change for a number of lines and departure times may differ.

So check your new departure time and plan your journey ahead of time in our planner.

Tram changes

Tram 25 started running on Sunday 13 December. On Sunday 3 January, a few changes will be made to the timetable of various tram lines. Tram 11 will disappear for good. Plus we will be changing two stop names.

Bus changes

The biggest changes for bus travel are two new bus lines, two shortenings of routes and another minor route change. A number of rush hour lines will be cancelled temporarily. A few timetable changes are also being made.

Night bus changes

A significant change to the night bus network: except for the three Zuidoostlijnen, the night buses will no longer run on mid-week nights. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the number of night bus passengers to drop significantly. In order to be able to continue to offer a reliable network, considerable alterations have been made to the timetable. This change will last for as long as necessary and may be revised if developments occur in the meantime.

Changes for the ferries

As of 3 January, the ferries across the IJ and the North Sea Canal ferries have a nice, new, identifiable F-number (for Ferry) and their own unique line colour.
The timetables for the ferries which run both during the day and at night will now also be linked in one continuous timetable per line.

New timetable, new folders

There are also new editions of the free network route map and the free night bus folder.

They are available from the GVB Service & Tickets service points.

You can find the new map at the map page.