Line number and direction not on bus and tram

Because of a system disruption, the line numbers and travel directions are not visible on a number of our vehicles. Our excuses for this inconvenience.


Service and timetable changes

Responsible travel is done together

Public transport is for everyone, and we're pleased about that. We like to transport everyone safely to their destination, and that is something we want to continue, of course. It is and therefore continues to be important that we all observe the measures. Just to be sure, will summarise them once again.
Only travel if you don't have any symptoms, wash your hands thoroughly before and after your journey, wear a face mask (over your nose and mouth) throughout your entire journey and avoid busier times of day as far as possible. 
Please also respect other travellers and GVB staff, because we must work together to travel responsibly during this difficult time.

Face mask required

As of 1 June, passengers 13 years and older must wear a face mask on our trams, buses, metros, and ferries. You must wear a mask even if you are wearing a helmet on a moped or drive a car onto a ferry.
Wear a face mask is also highly recommended at metro stations and at stops.

You are responsible for acquiring your face mask. A non-medical face mask without a filter is sufficient (for example, made of cotton). A shawl or bandana is not sufficient to meet the requirements.

Face masks for sale in the vicinity of public transport
Our GVB Service & Tickets kiosks single-use face masks are for sale (2 for €2). Reusable and washable GVB face masks are also available (2 for €8.95).

Face masks can be purchased from vending machines at certain GVB locations:
  • Central Station at the platform for metros 51, 53, and 54
  • metro station Nieuwmarkt at the Nieuwmarkt exit
  • metro station Waterlooplein at the Stadhuis exit
  • metro station Weesperplein, in the hall and in The Pitch store
  • metro station Wibautstraat at the North exit in The Pitch store
  • metro station De Vlugtlaan on the platform
  • metro station Jan van Galenstraat, on the platform
  • metro station Postjesweg, on the platform
  • Station Lelylaan, in the hall in the old GVB Service & Tickets kiosk
  • metro station Heemstedestraat, on the platform
  • metro station Henk Sneevlietweg, on the platform
  • metro station Noord in the hall
You can buy a packet of 5 for €5. PIN card payments only!

The exact requirements that must be met by your face mask and how to wear it correctly can be read about on the government website.

Buy your tickets beforehand: online or in presales

You cannot buy a ticket from the driver in our buses and trams. In the tram, you can only buy a ticket from the conductor. There is no conductor in trams 4, 19, and 24. So, It is best to be prepared for your trip by buying your ticket or travel product beforehand. You can do so online in our webshop if you have an OV-chipkaart. Or, you can buy a ticket at one of the many presales locations in the city. 

You can manage many things about your travel products from your home. For example, do you want a balance on your e-purse or renew your travel product? In the future, try as much as possible to do this online during this virus period. It is easy for you to order purchase an e-purse balance or other travel product in our webshop. You will then be able to pick up your order at one of the vending machines in your neighbourhood. You can then easily manage your product using MijnGVB.

Separate tickets can be bought at the stop/station vending machine or at one of the many GVB points of sale.