GVB travel app frequently asked questions

Below you can find an overview of frequently asked questions about the GVG travel app. Can't find your question? Contact our Customer Service

Purchasing and activating tickets

1. How do I purchase a barcode ticket in the app?
All payments are done via the GVB app. Tickets can be purchased using iDeal, Visa, and Mastercard.
2. Can I purchase a ticket for multiple persons at the same time on one mobile phone?
Yes, but only if all travellers are making the same trip(s). Each person must have their own individual activated barcode ticket to be able to travel. It is not possible to share a barcode ticket with others. The person who has purchased the tickets first checks in their fellow travellers and then goes through the gate as the last traveller of the group.
3. How many tickets can I purchase in the app?
You can buy up to 20 different tickets in one purchase.
4. Are tickets purchased in the app more expensive than paper tickets?
No. The available barcode tickets have the same price as paper chip cards or the public transport chip card version.
5. Can I activate multiple tickets in one action?
No. A ticket is a personal travel card, so each ticket must be activated individually.
6. Can I share a ticket with another person?
No. A ticket is a personal travel card and cannot be shared with other travellers.

7. Can I use the ticket at a P+R location?
No. A GVB barcode ticket purchased in the GVB app (or in other apps) cannot be used to obtain a discount from a P+R vending machine.  

Something went wrong

1. I have purchased a ticket, but I received the notification 'Payment status failed'. What do I do now?
First check whether the payment has been deducted from your bank account. If no such deduction was made, try to make the purchase again. If an amount has been deducted, however, contact our Customer Service to submit a request for reimbursement.
2. The app is malfunctioning and I can't purchase a ticket. What do I do now?
Fortunately, there are many sales points where you can purchase a paper chip card. Click here to see all points of sale where you can go for assistance before you start your travels, and look for one near you. 
In most cases, you can also purchase a ticket in a public transport vehicle.

3. The app is malfunctioning and I have already purchased a ticket. What do I do now?
If you are unable to check in for the metro or show your ticket to a bus or tram driver or conductor because the app is malfunctioning through no fault of your own, contact our Customer Service to submit a request for reimbursement.
4. Can I cancel my barcode purchase, and will a purchased ticket be reimbursed by GVB?
No, the principle of "final sale" applies here. A two-week reflection period, as is seen with most internet purchases, does not apply to Passenger Transport Services. Cancellation is also not possible via the GVB app. Because we had to make choices to be able to quickly implement barcodes, reflection and cancellation are not part of the "minimum viable product (MVP)". We do hope to make this possible in the next few months.
5. I accidentally pressed the "activation" button twice and my ticket is already valid. Can I deactivate it?
No, a ticket is valid once it has been activated in the GVB app.
6. I have a valid ticket, but I cannot check in at a metro gate.
The barcode can only be properly read if the telephone screen is undamaged. If your screen is undamaged but checking in at different gates with a barcode reader fails, try setting the brightness of your telephone screen to the maximum possible level. Keep your telephone approximately 10 cm above the card reader to have your barcode be scanned properly. If this still doesn't allow you to check in, contact GVB Customer Service.

Other questions

1. What is the expiry date of a non-activated ticket?
You have 30 days to activate and use a non-activated ticket. The activation date (indicated by "activate before") is also visible on a purchased ticket.
If you have allowed notifications or push notifications, you will receive a text reminder two days (48 hours) before this period expires.  
2. Why am I not yet able to use a barcode ticket to check in and out in the bus and tram?
The card readers in our vehicles are not yet able to process this method of travelling. From October 2021 our entire fleet will have new equipment installed which will makes such processing possible. Until then, the conductor or driver will visually check passenger tickets.