GVB Night bus 1 trip

The GVB night bus ticket is also available as a paper ticket from the driver and as a travel product loaded onto your OV-chipkaart at GVB Tickets & Info kiosks and at all Ticket Vending Machines.

Where can you travel? 
all of Amsterdam
When can you travel? 
At night
Transport company: 
Full-tariff price: 
Period of validity: 
1.5 hours
Type of product 
using the personal OV-chipkaarton an anonymous OV-chipkaartpaper chip ticket
Where to buy?: 
GVB yellow add value machineGVB night busGVB Service pointService & Tickets counter

For 1.5 hours, you can make unlimited transfers to other GVB night buses.

Pay for single trip with your balance
You can pay for your single trip with the e-purse balance on your OV-chipkaart. Just check in and out as usual on the night bus and the fixed night rate will be deducted from your balance. 

Read the product terms and conditions (38.49 KB)