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This statement about cookies was last updated on 3 February 2020

GVB believes your personal information is essential when you visit our website or receive emails from us. We treat such information with the greatest possible care and security. GVB process personal information in accordance with the requirements listed in the General Data Protection Regulation and the Telecommunications Act.
GVB uses cookies on its website and in some emails. This cookie statement provides a description of all cookies used and other similar monitoring technologies. This cookie statement pertains to email tracking and following websites:

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are created when you visit our website and stored on your device (such as, a computer, tablet, or smartphone). The next time you visit the same device, the cookies are used to identify your device and stored cookies can be read on your device. This makes it unnecessary for you to enter your information again, retrieve your references, or adjust your settings. These are saved by the cookie. These save you time and it makes it more pleasant to use our website. In addition, cookies makes it possible for the website to work better by supporting the basic features of the website. Cookies can also generate statistical info about visitors' use of our website, such as the number of visitors viewing the website or how much time they spend on it. This allows us to optimize our website configuration and improve services, for example, placing more focused information on the website for our customers.

When we mention cookies in this statement, we also mean other possible similar technologies, such as JavaScript, pixel tags, and fingerprints, where information is stored and/or read on your device. In general, these technologies work in the same manner as a cookie.

An email tracking pixel is a small image, 1 pixel by 1 pixel, that is not visible and is found at the bottom of an email. As soon as the recipient opens the email, information can be retrieved, for example, about how often the email is opened and when, or whether a link is clicked in an email, or which browser is used by the recipient.

What types of cookies does GVB use?

We use the following types of cookies for different purposes:

Technical (required) cookies: these cookies are needed to make the website user friendly. These help make the website easier to use by making it possible to provide basic features, such as navigation, and access to secure parts of the website. The website cannot work properly without these cookies. For example, these remember the products in your online shopping cart. According to privacy legislation, GVB may use technical cookies without your permission.

Functional (preference) cookies: these cookies ensure that a website can remember information that change the appearance of the website to match your preferences. For example, saving language preference or log in details so that you do not need to enter this info every time you access our website. These ensure that you can use our website effectively and efficiently. According to the privacy legislation, GVB may use these cookies with your permission.

Analytical (static) cookies: we use these cookies to analyze how our website is used, for example, to discover the number of website visitors, duration of the visits, the sequence of GVB pages browsed, or which GVB pages receive the most clicks, which device you use (smartphone, computer, or tablet), or which internet browser you use. This data helps us improve our services and the information on our website and optimize our website make it more user friendly. A Web Analytics cookie is an example of this type of cookie.

By default, GVB always configures analytical cookies so the settings are the most privacy friendly to ensure the effect on your privacy is minimum. This set up follows the privacy regulations, such that we do not need permission to use analytic cookies.

Tracking (marketing) cookies: this are cookies that follow your purchase and search behavior on our GVB website and can follow your internet behavior and are intended for GVB's commercial purposes. This allows GVB to provide you with personalized offers based on your internet behavior or display tailored content. To this end, we usually use third-party tracking cookies (originating from advertisement technology companies). GVB is required to ask for your permission to use these cookies.

Email tracking pixels: we use these in emails with our newsletter or campaigns that you subscribed to. Using a tracking pixel allows us to see whether the email (or a part of it) was read or clicked on. This allows to analyze the effectivity of emails and, for example, improve the content of the newsletter.

Cookies and websites from external parties

GVB utilizes social media buttons on its websites. If you want to share a (news) message on our website using social media, such as, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, or want to follow GVB using social media, you can do so by click on the social media button on our webpage. To protect your privacy, GVB only uses so-called "gray" (non active) social media buttons on its websites. The social media network will only store cookies on your device when you click the associated button. These cookies allow social media networks to see what you do on the internet. Which cookies are stored, the information collected, and reason the information is used, differs for each social media network. GVB has no influence over such cookies.
This cookie statement does not apply to external party websites that our website links to or mentions.
GVB is not responsible for how external parties use your personal information. We recommend that you also read the privacy and cookie statements (that can regularly change) of the social media networks of external parties on their websites before you use the social media buttons for external parties. We provide a link to the privacy statements for the social media networks that have a social media button on our GVB websites:

How do cookie expiration dates work?

Most cookies have an expiration date. This means that these automatically expire after a certain period of time and do not process any data about your website visit. The expiration term for each cookie can be found in our cookie overview here.

Cookie overview

If you want to know precisely which type of cookies or other monitoring technologies are used for each GVB website or email tracking, what type of information is collected and processed and for what purpose, are provided to third parties, and what the expiration term for the cookie is, you can discover it in the cookie overview here.

Rationale for the use of cookies

GVB has a legitimate interest in storing functional, technical, and analytical cookies and for email tracking, namely, to ensure the websites work as optimally as possible, to optimize the websites and make them more user friendly, and to measure and improve the effectiveness of emails. We ensure the impact on the privacy for the website visitor or email recipient is limited.

For tracking cookies, GVB always asks for your permission beforehand using a pop-up screen.

Giving or retracting permission for tracking cookies

For storing tracking cookies, you can change your authorization on this page.

Responsible processor, question, exercising rights, and contact details

GVB Exploitatie B.V. (“GVB”) is the processor responsible within the context of the General Data Protection regulations for the use and processing of data collected via cookies and other monitoring technologies.
If you have questions about how GVB uses cookies, or want to exercise your right to view, change, or delete the associated data, or make a complaint about the use of cookies, you can send an email to Our Data Protection Officer or the privacy team will respond as soon as possible. More information about exercising your right can be found in our privacy statement.

Contact information

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Attn: Data Protection Officer
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GVB Exploitatie B.V. is registered in the Commercial Chamber of Commerce under number 34259721.

Changes to the cookie statement

If developments require it, this cookie statement can be amended. The date this cookie statement was last updated is listed at the top of this page. We therefore recommend that you read this cookie statement on a regular basis.