GVB Scavenger Hunt: discover Amsterdam using public transport

Everyone that likes to discover Amsterdam in a fun way using public transport can now enjoy the GVB Scavenger Hunt. There are sixteen GVBeestjes (beastie) stickers hidden away in Amsterdam. All of these are located at unique places. Find a minimum of six GVBeestjes and make a selfie as your proof. Also answer the question at the unique spot. You will also receive vouchers for fun discounts in the city. 

Select your favorite category or a combo

There is something fun to experience in the vicinity of each GVBeestje. There are four categories: Art and culture, Food and drink, Kids, and History. Select the beasties you are going to look for. You do not need to go through in each category in order. You can combine these if you like. Of course, you have to find six beesties. 

Found 6 GVBeestjes? What's next?

Taken six of more selfies and answered the associated question? Go to a GVB Service & Tickets at Central Station and let use check these. If you did everything right, you will receive a fun prize. 
Tip! It can become quite busy at Service & Tickets. If you don't want to wait too long to receive your prize, it's best to arrive before 10:00 or after 19:00.  

Always a winner with the discount vouchers

With the game, you receive some vouchers for fun discounts in the city. So, remember to use these! The vouchers allow you to enjoy fun extras during the game at various (food) establishments.  
Please check whether the (food) establishments are open where you are going to explore. For example, some restaurants are closed on Monday or during the winter months.  

How much is the game and where can you purchase it?

Starting on 21 December, the GVB Scavenger Hunt will be available for € 3 at GVB SService & Tickets at Central Station. You will receive a luxury packet containing a map with an explanation and the discount vouchers that you can use during the game or at a later time. 

Conditions for participating in the GVB Scavenger Hunt

  • The GVB Scavenger Hunt (hereafter: 'the game') is a game created by GVB Exploitatie B.V.
  • The goal of the scavenger hunt is to help travelers acquaint themselves with the city of Amsterdam using the public transport network.
  • The GVB scavenger hunt was meticulously prepared.
  • Participation in the game is at your own risk. GVB cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for your participation in the game.
  • GVB is not responsible for the discount vouchers in the game.
  • Participants must have a valid travel pass.
  • No rights or obligations can be derived from the provided information.
  • Participants are expected to act responsibly in public and in traffic.