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Noord/Zuid route: all test runs are now reserved

This is much quicker than we dared to hope for. All test runs were reserved in less than twelve hours.
If you would like to know about the Noord/Zuid route, please visit the campaign site at Testmee.gvb.nl (Dutch).
link to https://www.gvb.nl/reizen/koningsdag-2018

27 April: King's Day!

On King's Day, Friday 27 April, it will be extremely busy again in Amsterdam. So busy that it will not be possible for our vehicles to pass through some streets and neighbourhoods.

GVB is happy to accommodate this situation. And, at the same time, continue to provide the best transportation possible. This will begin in the night before King's Day.
The details can be found on the King's Day web page.

link to https://www.gvb.nl/geen-contant-geld-meer-de-tram

Trams are completely "cashless"

Finally, as of Monday 26 March, in addition to tram 26, all other tram routes are cashless and it is no longer possible to use cash to buy a ticket. All of our public transport vehicles is now "cashless". You can pay for your ticket with your OV-chipkaart of PIN card payment or buy your ticket beforehand.
link to https://www.gvb.nl/nieuws/reizigerswaardering-gvb-flink-de-lift

Customer satisfaction has risen… thank you!

In the annual customer satisfaction review, our services were rated with an average of 7.6. That is 0.2 points higher than the previous year. Thank you for this nice rating!

Tram service counter… the first is a fact!

As of Friday 23 February 2018, our first tram with a service counter is now in service. The conductor's cabins in our 150 or so Combino trams will be converted in the coming months into pleasing service counters. You will see these more often. Inviting and more personal contact. Welcome on board!  
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