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Cashless public transport

Starting on Sunday 26 March, it will no longer be possible to use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. This brings Amsterdam a step closer to cashless public transport. 

You can pay one last time using coins, which will support the work of Toon de Muntenman, Amsterdam citizen of the year 2016.


Automatic refund after 1 March failure

Due to a malfunction in the metro gate system resulting in several travel products not being recognized, it is possible that you incurred additional costs to travel on the metro.
This must have been extremely irritating and we earnestly apologize for this inconvenience. We would like to explain how you will automatically receive a refund for the wrongly incurred travel costs.

PIN payments on the bus

You can pay using your PIN card on some bus routes. We will begin with some buses on route 33 in Amsterdam Noord and quickly add more buses. Mayor Van der Laan was the first to use his PIN card on the bus. This received a lot of attention from the media.   

GVB webshop

The GVB webshop allows you to quickly and easily purchase travel products with or without an account.Afterwards, you pick up your order at a Ticket Vending Machine.

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