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Regional buses

27 April: King's Day!

On King's Day, Thursday 27 April, it will be extremly busy again in Amsterdam. So busy that it will not be possible for our vehicles to pass through some streets and neighbourhoods.

GVB is happy to accommodate this situation. And, at the same time, continue to provide the best transportation possible. This will begin in the night before King's Day.
The details can be found on the King's Day web page.

Cashless public transport

As of Sunday 26 March, it is no longer possible to use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. This brings Amsterdam a step closer to cashless public transport. 

On Saturday 26 March, you can pay using small change for the last time. Doing so will support the work of Toon de Muntenman, Amsterdam resident of the year.


OV-chip mobile: check in and out using your smartphone

With OV-chip mobile, you travel using your OV-chipkaart in your smartphone. You check in and out in the tram, bus or train as you usually do, but with your smartphone. Currently, this option is being extensively tested. 

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You can buy travel products quickly and easily in the GVB webshop, with or without an account. You then pick up your order at a ticket vending machine.

New Central Station metro gates once again out of service

Did you travel on 2 or 3 April with GVB and checked in and out using the new (red) metro gates at Amsterdam Central Station? An incorrect amount was charged for some travelers due to a failure in the new gates. If this happened to you, please contact our Customer serviceOn 3 April, the new (red) gates were immediately put out of service. Travelers are now using the reliable gates. We apologize for any inconvenience.