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Regional buses

  • Connexxion: 347, 357, 397, N47, N57, N97 - For more information, go to www.connexxion.nl
GVB Flex

Is GVB Flex worthwhile for you?

You can use our newest travel product, GVB Flex, to travel on all public transport in the Netherlands without needing to have a balance. You will also receive a discount for travel on GVB routes. You then pay afterwards. Is this produce worthwhile for you?

New public transport fares for 2020

As of 1 January, some travel products will increase in price. The average increase is 2.2%. The new fares established by the Travel Region are in line with the national increases for city and regional transport.
For your convenience, we have listed all of the new prices for all travel products.  

Goodbye to yellow add-value machines

As of 1 January 2020, most yellow GVB add-value machines will be removed from Amsterdam. These machines are outdated and do not satisfy the new PIN machine requirements. In the new year, you will still be able to acquire 240 GVB points with your OV-chipkaart. 
link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/omleiding-op-je-route-je-weet-het-met-seintje

Receive an Alert when there is a diversion on your route

​Use MyGVB to indicate your favorite route(s) and you will receive an alert ("Seintje") via e-mail from us about any planned diversions on your route(s). You can also the GVB app to set your alerts. You always be up to date!
link to: https://en.gvb.nl/klantenservice/verloren-voorwerpen

Lose something on our public transport?

You can go to the iLost website to see whether your lost item has been found. So, you don't need to make a phone call. 

Want to know more about GVB?

Our Over.gvb.nl website provides you with all the information you need about corporate social responsibility, background, interesting facts, and news.