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Are you using public transport more frequently again but don't know what season ticket best suits your way of travelling? The season ticket advisor is here to help. 

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Public transport is OK! Planning on travelling more again? With our travel product GVB Flex you'll always be ready to travel on all public transport in the Netherlands without having to maintain a balance. You will also receive a discount for travel on GVB routes and pay for all your travel afterwards. You can adjust your Flex subscription monthly. Fancy this travel product? 

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​Use MyGVB to indicate your favourite route(s) and you will receive an Alert by e-mail about any planned diversions on your route(s). You can also set your alerts via the GVB app. This way, you will always be up to date!

Prepare for your trip

On Saturday 25 September the Dutch government relaxed several important corona measures. Not much has changed for public transport, however. Wearing a face mask in the tram, bus, metro and ferry remains required for the time being. So remember to carry a face mask with you and put it on when you enter a public transport vehicle.