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For example: 31-10-2020
Notation: 23:09
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  • grey = normal service
  • blue = scheduled diversion
  • red = route disruption
  • orange = trip cancelled / brief delay
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If you would like more information about departure and arrival times, use the timetable search feature.


Extra options in the trip planner

The trip planner on this site has recently been expanded with 3 new options. When you click on 'Extra options', you can indicate during the planning process whether you want to start and/or end your trip by bicycle. You can also opt for 5 minutes extra transfer time or for accessible travel. When you select this last option, the accessibility of stops and vehicles is taken into account in the travel advice given. 

Avoid the crowds, check the planner!

The trip planner on this site and in our app now also gives you an idea of how crowded it is in our vehicles. Crowds are indicated by 'person' icons: 1 person = enough space available, 2 persons = limited space available, and 3 persons = little to no space available.  
You can find this indication when you request trip advice or with the current departure times of a line. 

Our range of season tickets will change shortly

We recently added a new travel product to our range: ‘GVB Flex’. This allows you to travel throughout the Netherlands without credit and gives you a discount at GVB. We will also stop the GVB Zone and GVB Only monthly season tickets shortly. 

Receive a Seintje (alert) when there is a diversion on your route

​Use MyGVB to indicate your favourite route(s) and you will receive a 'Seintje' (alert) by e-mail about any planned diversions on your route(s). You can also set your alerts via the GVB app. This way, you will always be up to date!

GVB webshop

You can buy travel products quickly and easily in the GVB webshop, with or without an account. You then pick up your order at a ticket vending machine.