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  • Connexxion: 347, 357, 397, N47, N57, N97 - For more information, go to www.connexxion.nl
link to https://en.gvb.nl/nieuws/veren-verhuizen-terug-naar-pontsteiger-uitbreiding-nachtelijk-westveer

18 June: ferries relocating, Nachtelijk West ferry extension

As of Monday 18 June, the Houthaven ferry, the Distelweg ferry, and the Nachtelijk Westveer (nightly west ferry) was relocated from the Westerdoksdijk back to the Pontsteiger (ferry landing) at the Tasmanstraat. The timetable for the Nachtelijk Westveer was also extended.
link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/nieuwe-tijden

Mark 22 July in your diary!

Because this is when the renovated public transport network and the Noord/Zuid route will go into service. You can plan your new trip as of 25 June. You can currently see the timetables, departure times for each stop, and maps that will be in effect starting on 22 July.
We have list all of the changes below. 
link to https://maps.gvb.nl/nzl/en/lijnen

View all of the new timetables as of 22 July

All new timetables starting on 22 July are now available on the website. You can view all of the routes that will then be available. These are separate from all of the current timetables on the current network so that current and future routes do not overlap each other.
Link to https://en.gvb.nl/klantenservice/baby-board-button-voor-zwangere-reizigers

Pregnant? Order the 'Baby on board' button

Pregnant? We now provide the option for pregnant women to order a 'baby on board' button. Everyone will immediately see that you have important 'luggage' and someone will certainly offer their seat to you (actually 'both' of you).
link to http://www.at5.nl/specials/op_de_rit_

Noord/Zuid route news show: Op de Rit

Jointly with the Transport Region and Metro & Tram, we are working with the AT5 television station to produce a show called the 'Op de Rit' (Dutch). It will provide news about all of the preparations and changes in the new public transport network. 
link to https://webshop.gvb.nl/en_gb/

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