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Regional buses

link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/omleiding-op-je-route-je-weet-het-met-seintje

Receive an Alert when there is a diversion on your route

​Use MyGVB to indicate your favorite route(s) and you will receive an e-mail from us containing an Alert about any planned diversions on your route(s). 
Now, you will be kept up to date in a timely manner!
link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/nieuwe-tijden

The renovated public transport network is now in service!

The renovated public transport network and the Noord/Zuid route are now in service. Have you already made a trip? You can plan it really easily using our journey planner. All changes are also listed here for your convenience. 
And see or download the route pamphlet, the overview of all stops for each route!

Link to https://en.gvb.nl/klantenservice/baby-board-button-voor-zwangere-reizigers

Pregnant? Order the 'Baby on board' button

Pregnant? We now provide the option for pregnant women to order a 'baby on board' button. Everyone will immediately see that you have important 'luggage' and someone will certainly offer their seat to you (actually 'both' of you).
link to https://www.uitcheckgemist.nl/melding?locale=en

Missed a check out? Register for an alert

Have you missed a check out? Register on ov-chipkaart.nl and receive an alert to request a refund with the Missed Check Out alert. Useful, right?

link to https://webshop.gvb.nl/en_gb/

GVB webshop

You can buy travel products quickly and easily in the GVB webshop, with or without an account. You then pick up your order at a ticket vending machine.

link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/kaartje-kopen

Be well prepared when traveling. There is always a sales point in the neighbourhood

Want to buy an hour ticket, day ticket, or season ticket? You can do so at the growing number of sales points in Amsterdam. Read more about where you can find a sales point in your neighbourhood.