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Regional buses

  • Connexxion: 80, 174, N47, N57, N69, N80, N92, N94, N97 - For more information, go to www.connexxion.nl

WhatsApp customer service delayed

The handling of requests and complaints provided by customer service via WhatsApp has been slowed down. This means it may take longer for us to respond. The delays are caused by a malfunction, which we are working to resolve as quickly as possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience!
link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/koningsdag-2019

27 April: King's Day!

On King's Day, Saturday 27 April, it will be extremely busy again in Amsterdam. So busy that it will not be possible for our vehicles to pass through some streets and neighbourhoods.

GVB is happy to accommodate this situation. And, at the same time, continue to provide the best transportation possible. This will begin in the night before King's Day.
The details can be found on the King's Day web page.

You can now purchase your annual season ticket online!

You can now purchase your annual season ticket in our webshop. In addition, you no longer need to make a special trip to a GVB Service & Tickets location to change or cancel your annual season ticket.


3 March: no metro 51 service in Amstelveen, but buses

Amsteleveen is switching over to a new tram route. As of 3 March, metro 51 is no longer be in service between Station Zuid and Amstelveen Westwijk. 
Read about all changes and alternatives.

link to https://en.gvb.nl/reizen/omleiding-op-je-route-je-weet-het-met-seintje

Receive an Alert when there is a diversion on your route

​Use MyGVB to indicate your favorite route(s) and you will receive an alert ("Seintje") via e-mail from us about any planned diversions on your route(s). You can also the GVB app to set your alerts. You always be up to date!
link to https://www.uitcheckgemist.nl/melding?locale=en

Missed a check out? Register for an alert

Have you missed a check out? Register on ov-chipkaart.nl and receive an alert to request a refund with the Missed Check Out alert. Useful, right?