Purchase and reload

What does an OV-chipkaart cost?


Anonymous travel card
An anonymous OV-chipkaart has a one-time cost of € 7.50 and can be purchased at sales machines at stations, various tobacco specialty shops (such as Primera), at many supermarkets, at some Bruna's, and at GVB Tickets & Info. The card is valid for four to five years.
You can load and use a card immediately
Find a sale point in your area.

Online application for personal OV-chipkaart
On OV-chipkaart.nl, you can apply for a personal OV-chipkaart. You will need a digital photo, a Dutch mailing address, and must pay via iDEAL. The personal OV-chipkaart has a one-time cost of € 7.60 and is valid for five years.
The card will be sent to your home. A travel product or e-purse balance must be loaded on the card before you can use it to travel.

Go to overview to see which card is best suited to your travel needs.