Children, 65+, and groups

Children and 65+
Children up to 4 years travel free. Children from 4 to and including 11 years and travelers older than 65 years receive an age discount. This discount can only be obtained if you travel using your personal OV-chipkaart. You can travel on an e-purse balance, the discount applies to the base rate and the boarding rate, or with a season ticket.

You can also use a personal OV-chipkaart for:

  • Make use of automatic add value, so that you always have a sufficient e-purse balance on your card.
  • View your travel information online at My OV-chipkaart on where you can easily print your travel expense declaration for your employer.
  • In the event of theft or loss, have your card blocked to prevent misuse.

The personal card cannot be bought in person. It has to be ordered with a form.

    Group trips

    If you are traveling with a group then everyone in the group needs their own (anonymous) OV-chipkaart loaded with sufficient e-purse balance or with a suitable travel product. An anonymous card is available at stations, in tobacco specialty shops, and at service counters. If you load an e-purse balance it can be used immediately.

    You can of course make use of the economical GVB day cards.

    For primary schools, etc., there is the school day card.