Occasional travel

If you only occasionally travel on public transportation or you do not want to submit your personal information then the anonymous OV-chipkaart is just what you need.

The advantages of using an anonymous OV-chipkaart:

  • You can "share" the card with the whole family. Every family member can use the card (but not at the same time). For example, you might use the card to travel to the shopping center and the next day your son uses the same card to take the bus to travel to a soccer match.
  • easy to obtain without a request form
  • if an e-purse balance is loaded on the card it can be used immediately.

You cannot put travel products linked to an individual on the anonymous OV-chipkaart, such as a season ticket for your commute. You also do not get an age discount as that is linked to an individual. You can do this with a personal OV-chipkaart.

Sales points
You can purchase an anonymous OV-chipkaart at:

  • Ticket Vending Machine at metro stations
  • GVB Tickets & Info
  • many tobacco specialty shops (such as Primera)

Find an OV-chipkaart service point in your area on the address finder on OV-chipkaart.nl

Disposable chipcard

If you rarely travel on public transportation, you can purchase a disposable chipcard from the driver, ticket conductor, or from the Ticket Vending Machine in metro stations. For example, you purchase a card that is valid to travel for an hour or the entire day.