Reimbursement policy

GVB does everything it can to be on time. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent delays. We do provide reimbursement to compensate for the inconvenience. The details of the policy are provided below.

Reimbursement of your taxi fare

We will compensate you for your taxi expenses within the GVB travel region in the following situations: 

1. Missing a guaranteed connection
If no vehicle arrives within 20 minutes after the indicated transfer time for a guaranteed connection. The guaranteed connections are indicated on the departure times overview at the stops, in the route folders, and the departure times and service regulations here on

2. The cancelling of the last run
If no vehicle arrives within 20 minutes after the indicated departure time for the last run on the day route.

3. A delay of more than one hour
If you are at a stop where there is a delay of an hour and there is no other alternative public transportation option.

How to request compensation
Ask for a receipt for your taxi ride. Then download the form Reimbursement policy​ and complete it.
The form is also available via customer service​.

Reimbursement when you paid the base rate twice

When you had to pay the base rate twice due to a delay or cancellation of a service for longer than 35 minutes causing you to be charged twice, then we will reimburse the second base rate that was charged. 

To request reimbursement of the twice paid base rate, please use the claim form​
For "My claim is about", select the option "More than 35 minutes delay for GVB transfer".


Click the link to view the conditions​ ​for the reimbursement policy



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