There’s no better way to become acquainted with the city and visit all the attractions than with our public transport system, with 16 tram routes, around 50 bus routes, 4 metro lines and 5 ferry links at your disposal. We are happy to connect you to all of Amsterdam, even late at night!

GVB Tickets & Info

For information in person about the public transport options in Amsterdam, we invite you to visit GVB Tickets & Info. Here you can also buy tickets, obtain route maps and timetables for all of the GVB routes in Amsterdam.

To the must-see attractions

Click for the list of must-see and unique attractions. Information is also provided on how to reach these by public transport as well as which bus stops to use. Bus stops are posted and announced in every tram, bus and metro. Our drivers and conductors, too, will be glad to help.

Late-night public transport

Trams, buses and metros run from 6 am until half past midnight. Night buses run between half past midnight and 7 am. A separate night rate applies to night buses. However, your GVB day or multi-day ticket is also valid for night bus travel. More info.

The GVB day ticket

To make use of public transport in the city of Amsterdam you will need a public transport chip card (the OV-chipkaart). There are different kinds of public transport chip cards. If you are only in Amsterdam for a few days, we recommend the handy and economical day or multi-day ticket, giving you unlimited access to all GVB trams, buses and metros throughout the entire city of Amsterdam. If you only wish to make use of public transport for one day, you can purchase a day ticket, which is valid for 24 hours from the time you first check in. You can transfer in between and check in and out once again as much as you like within the number of hours on your ticket. If your stay is a little longer, we also provide tickets that are valid for 2-7 days (valid for 48-168 hours).

How do you travel with a public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart)?

This is very easy. It is important that you always check in and check out of each vehicle. This includes when transferring. To check in, just hold your card in front of the card reader. These are located at all the entrance and exit doors of trams and buses. When exiting the tram or bus, you should check out by holding your card in front of the card reader once again. In the metro hold your card in front of the metro gate to open the metro gate. When transferring by metro you do not have to check out, and check in again in between your journey. You should only check out at the end of your metro journey.

Where are public transport chip cards sold?

Public transport chip cards, as well as GVB day or multi-day tickets (valid for 24-168 hours), are sold at GVB Tickets & Info. The day ticket is also sold in trams and buses. You can buy a 1 to 4-day ticket (valid for 24-96 hours) at the ticket vending machines at all metro stations.