Best deal in Amsterdam!
The GVB day or multiple day ticket provides you with unlimited GVB travel throughout Amsterdam - day and night - on the bus, tram, and metro, for the number of hours that best suits your plans. For example, the day ticket is valid for 24 hours starting at the first check in.
Note: These tickets are only valid in GVB metros, trams, and buses.. Thus, not valid in the regional buses of Connexxion and EBS or on the train. 


Days/hours         Price 2015
1 day - 24 hours  € 7.50
2 days - 48 hours  € 12.00
3 days - 72 hours  € 16.50
4 days - 96 hours  € 21.00
5 days - 120 hours  € 26.00
6 days - 144 hours  € 29.50
7 days​ - 168 hours  € 32.00​

Day ticket for children
There is also a child version of the day ticket at a greatly reduced price. This ticket is for children from 4 to 11 years of age. The child day ticket provides the same rights to travel as the day ticket described above. 

Child day ticket (valid for 24 hours):  Price 2015:  € 2.50

When you have this OV-chipkaart, you must always check in when boarding and check out when getting off the tram, bus, and metro.

The GVB day cards are available from:

GVB Tickets & Info
  • driver and conductor (tram: 24 and 48 hour tickets; bus: only the 24 hour ticket)
  • Ticket vending machines in metro stations (no child day ticket)
  • VVV offices in Amsterdam (limited selection)
  • various hotels, camp sites and other organisations (limited selection)
  • GWK offices in Amsterdam and at Schiphol (limited selection) 





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