• Pilot test using DNA spit kit

    23 oktober 2015
    News items, Travel news
    A pilot test using a DNA spit kit started on 1 October. GVB staff are sometimes spit on when they carry out their public duties. This is unacceptable and we want to change this practice.
  • Union action, Thursday morning, no public transport in Amsterdam

    12 oktober 2015
    News items, Travel news
    Answers to questions about the consequences of the collective action announces by the FNV and ABGP unions on Thursday morning starting at the beginning of services for public transport in Amsterdam continuing until 08:30. This is the...
  • GVB in the top three best Amsterdam employers

    7 oktober 2015
    News item
    GVB is one of the three best employers in Amsterdam. This was reported in the annual Best Employer Survey carried out by employment research agency Effectory en Intermediair. GVB is listed nationally in the category Best Employer 2015 (larger than 1,000 employees) as seventeenth...
  • Smart Public Transport nominated for the Happy Passengers Prize 2015

    2 oktober 2015
    News items, Travel news
    Each year, the independent knowledge network Railforum awards the Happy Passenger Prize for improvements in public transport that make it more pleasant for travelers. SmartOV is one of the favorites. The previous year, GVB took the initiative...
  • Metro stations cleaner and nicer

    7 september 2015
    News items, Travel news
    GVB invests more in the clean-up of twenty-four metro stations on the Oost route and the Ring route. This includes thorough cleaning of the floors each month instead of every six months that we agreed upon with our principal...
  • Tram 4 runs more frequently during IBC

    7 september 2015
    News items, Travel news
    From Thursday 15 through Tuesday 15 September, the IBC event wiill take place for the twenty-second time at the RAI. It is the largest international exposition and conference in the area of electronic media and entertainment technology. Tram 4 will run more often so that visitors...
  • Welcome back on the metro!

    16 augustus 2015
    Travel news
    The work at Station Zuid has been completed. The station is ready and the metro service is back to normal. After obstructions lasting seven weeks and 19,036 shuttle bus trips, it is now finally cleared up and we will celebrate with a small party at the renovated station. Welcome...
  • Sustainable sleepers

    13 augustus 2015
    News items, Travel news
    They are unique in the Netherlands, plastics sleepers between the tracks on the fly-over between stations Spaklerweg and Van der madeweg. The track on the flyovers needed replacing, but the construction...
  • GVB takes part in Canal Parade

    29 juli 2015
    News item
    On Saturday 1 August, GVB will participate for the third time in the Gay Parade by sailing a boat in the Canal Parade. The theme for this jubilee year is "Share Love, Love Differences".
  • Smartphone public transport trial in the Netherlands

    23 juli 2015
    Product innovation, Travel news
    This fall, GVB will work together with other public transport companies in the Netherlands to carry out a pilot with Vodafone and KPN where a smartphone is used to check in and out. About one hundred public transport passengers will receive a NFC SIM card on which a OV-chip is...