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Regional buses

  • Connexxion: 320, 322, 327, 391, 394, N27 - For more information, go to

Overview of zones

You can find the zones overview on the route map under the "layers" menu. Enable the zone layer, plan your journey or view a route. Zoom as needed to see the zone number. 

Did not check out?

We’re well acquainted with the OV-chipkaart. Check in and out on every trip. Nevertheless, almost everyone occasionally forgets to check out. Request your refund in three simple steps.

Need a season ticket?

Do you need a season ticket? Examine and compare your different options. Choose how often you travel, how many zones, with which transport company, during the day or night and the season ticket you need will be shown. 

Going home using the night bus

You can pay for a single trip on a night bus using the e-purse on your OV-chipkaart. The night bus fare will be deducted from your e-purse when you check in. You must first prepare your OV-chipkaart so that you can use it on night buses. This is very easy to do.

Counter for found items

Found your object?You can retrieve it from the Service Desk in the Remittance Lekstraat, Curve Mijdrechtstraat 25 in Amsterdam. 
The office is open on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00. Amsteldijk stop is the closest, there you can get tram 12 and bus 62.

The GVB day ticket or multi-day ticket

The best choice when you want to discover Amsterdam using public transport. You have unlimited travel - day and night - on GVB buses, trams, and metros for exactly the number of hours that best suits your plans.