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Regional buses

  • Connexxion: 153, 155, 202, 275, 300, 328 - For more information, go to www.connexxion.nl
  • EBS: 375, 376, 377, 378, 379 - For more information, go to www.ebs-ov.nl

Public Transport Fares 2016

Want to know what your season ticket will cost as of 1 January 2016? And what the new kilometer rate will be for traveling on a balance?
View all fares for 2016.

New metro company in Amsterdam?

Nope. GVB will continue to run the metro. However, it will be a part of the high value Randstad network: R-net. The trusted white and blue will be replaced by the grey and red R-net colors.  

Temporarily no rush hour ferry for Buiksloterweg crossing

As of 18 December, the rush hour Buiksloterweg ferry has been out of service. The Buiksloterweg ferry has run temporarily with two ferries during the day every six minutes. On Monday 4 April 2016, the rush Buiksloterweg ferry will once again go into service and will cross every four minutes.

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GVB in AT5 documentary

The "Halte Amsterdam" documentary is a series of 6 episodes where passengers questions are front and center. In each episode, a burning question will be answered.